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About us

 Led by a focus on simplicity, transparency, and professionalism, AffiliNext helps both advertisers and publishers achieve their digital marketing goals by delivering services for user acquisition. 

What AffiliNext is


AffiliNext is a worldwide mobile ad platform which specializes in user acquisition initiatives.

With many years of experience with helping clients across the globe, we understand that digital advertising is the best way to deliver your message to the right audience and call your target customers to action. We’ve been through all the stepping stones of app marketing many times over, and we know that cultivating a loyal user base takes time and effort.

This is why AffiliNext offers the most impactive and effective services for mobile apps. We provide top traffic with the help of premium app installs, along with retargeting strategies and social, video, and native ads.

Our main advantage

 having the most effective sources mixed with the expertise of our professional and dedicated buyers. 


For publishers, AffiliNext provides proven and trusted monetization options through our supercharged campaigns. 

 AffiliNext works with its own App tracking tools and allows partners to have access to the high-quality ad marketplace. This includes trusted ad and affiliate networks, popular social networks, and DSPs.